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Translation and localisation


We understand the importance of quality and reliability and this comes at the forefront of our translation services. We provide a full range of translation services in Spanish-English and English-Spanish to companies, specialising in high-quality document translation and localisation for different fields as: business, science, legal, commercial texts and websites. Hispanic Academy Translation Services is not just another translation agency. We offer you our network of professional translators located in London. We pride ourselves in providing affordable translations and we guarantee a consistently excellent quality of translation and localisation.


Pay per word

We only charge for the words we translate. Fixed rate per word. No services, minimum or rush fees



Translation will be done by accredited and experienced  translators, and scrutinised by specialist




Your time is precious. Contact us, get your quote and start your translation immediately


Customer Service

We are small, thanks to our size we know personally each costumer and project. We provide 24/7 support


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